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  • PCG Expanded Virtual Training Formats with PawnTrain

    PCG Expanded Virtual Training Formats with PawnTrain


    Pawnshop Consulting Group along with our affiliate partner PawnTrain are offering expanded virtual-training formats and additional high-level training to our hundreds of of options available on our combined web site, Pawntrain.com.


    These are just some of our expanded virtual-training formats that Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrain are providing to our community. As many of you know we can provide a wide range of support for very low monthly subscription prices or ala carte for individual only one on one training.


    In affect, PCG and PawnTrain are expanding and providing constant hands-on virtual-training, live on site training and support with a consulting team that has over 100+ years of experience between us, all Pawn specific.


    Click on each title link below to take you directly to our PawnTrain web site to sign right up for these classes and more!


    Concierge Customer Service


    This training piece as provided by Jerry Whitehead with a long history in the industry, takes our clients through a brief history of the Pawn Industry, followed by a series of situational activities that occur in daily pawn operations. There is some role playing that occurs during this educational piece which provides us with live one on one situations that occur in the stores on a daily basis. Some of these activities also relate to basic qualifying, determining customer desires, customer objections, how to avoid negative words during the qualifying processes, and how to upsell the loans and other services. Piece takes a deep dive into excelling in customer service, IE: Concierge Level Service – Exceeding Customer Expectation along with glove customer service, next generation, ,one of our most popular courses to date!


    Developing Business Leads


    Pawnshop Consulting Group has had a long operational history in the industry, and provides a wide spectrum on how to develop business leads directly within your community. This training piece as provided by Jerry Whitehead looks at a step by step of activities including Chamber of Commerce Involvement, BBB, Kiwanis, Lions, and other Civic activities in communities around the country that could benefit your business while generating leads from other businesses in your community. How to target the professionals such as banks, CPA’s, attorneys’ and others for lead generation and more revenue production and exposure for your business in your community.


    Financial Metrics Beginner


    This piece as taught by Jerry Whitehead, one of the industry’s leading financial metric experts, takes our participants through the beginning phases of some of the language with representations of financial benchmarks we target through our advanced Pro Forma Analysis. Participants will learn about the language, definitions, along with illustrations, the multitude of Key Performance Indicators we assess with all of our active clients and more. Financial metric discussion for beginners.


    Financial Metrics Intermediate


    This educational program as provided by Jerry Whitehead takes our entry level personnel up to the next level on the key performance indicators with broader descriptions of how the industry specific KPI’s work, a more in depth look of what affects these indicators, and how they flow in the Pro Forma and in the ongoing operations of Pawn Shops.


    Financial Metrics Advanced PT 1


    This level of advanced metrics training as provided by Jerry Whitehead takes our personnel directly into our operational Pro Forma’s we have been refining for some 30+ years, and examines all of the levels of the KPI’s that are utilized in our financial analysis for our clients. Various aspects of the KPI’s are described in the Pro Forma presentations to advance our participants to the next level of understanding advanced metrics and what they mean in the overall health and financial performance of the store(s).


    Financial Metrics Advanced PT 2


    These are the most advanced metrics of pawnshops as taught by Jerry Whitehead, one of the industry’s leading financial experts on this subject matter, and are thorough examinations of the actual store(s) performance with our participants. PCG provides an enhanced examination of the actual KPI’s of the operations in question, looks at and examines the historical performance with the participants, along with current performance with a focus on trends, and trend analysis. These training sequences tie out to ultimate store(s) performance including the net results such as net return on revenues, assets, bottom line, aging inventory and management compensation for bottom line incentive clients of ours and much more.


    Sales & Loan Associates – Advanced Operational Practices


    These one-on-one sessions by Mr. Whitehead are custom designed to each participant based on his or her experiences in the industry. Examining what level they may be at in the operations, and how to achieve the most advanced practices at the store levels in the operations today. Analysis of the participant, and advanced operational practices explored one on one with these participants. Next Generation practices for utilization in the operations on an ongoing basis.


    Assistant Manager Advanced Operational Practices


    PCG and Jerry Whitehead provide a deep analysis of the individuals that are in these roles, or moving into these roles. Exploration in a one-on-one environment the capabilities of the individuals. This comes along with developing operational protocols on a custom basis to intertwine within the operation they are working within. Operational models vary, and we are very adaptive in our training practices and customize our operational practice models for each individual going through this level of training. PCG has decades of operational blue prints that are examined, and customized for these roles with our candidates.


    Manager – Advanced Operational Practices


    PCG’s Jerry Whitehead provides a deep analysis of the individuals that are in these roles. These processes begin with one-on-one analysis of the individuals which includes an exploration of their knowledge and or skill sets, their experiences. Based on the analysis as determined, we begin working towards creating customized training to enhance their overall abilities to be the best they can be. We develop operational protocols on a custom basis that also integrate on a best-case basis based on the analysis of the operations. Operational models vary, and we are very adaptive in our training practices and customize our operational practice models for each individual going through this level of training. PCG has decades of operational blue prints that are examined, and customized for these roles with our candidates.


    Auditing Routines Introductory


    This course in a beginner’s guide and analysis of what is typically involved in the auditing routines specifically for Pawn Shops. PCG’s Jerry Whitehead who has developed a litany of systems and protocols over the last 35+ years in industry, will provide a thorough description and examination of the types of assets involved in these practices. Preparatory work which assists our candidates in preparation for learning what they will be auditing, terminology, and beginner steps to establishing the routines. (single / multi store environments)


    Auditing Routines Advanced


    Advanced auditing routines as illustrated by Jerry Whitehead will take our candidates through the many roles that are involved with comprehensive audits in Pawn Shops. AS operations are vastly different from one another, the processes are basically very similar. Processes for auditing of front-end inventory, hard goods, firearms, jewelry, and miscellaneous as one series of examples. To advanced back room loan auditing by departments – hard goods, firearms, jewelry, etc. These are also geared to explore the routines for auditing buys, layaways, and managing cash audits in the facilities as well. Thorough deep dive to the many aspects of these types of audits with advanced customized training capable in this training program. Program assist to utilization of technology IE bar code scanners as compared to data lists (print outs) by department from the various software systems that may be utilized. Honesty testing programs can be examined, and establishment of random audit’s by designated auditors in the operations, and much more.


    Multi-Unit Management Analysis


    PCG and PawnTrain do specialize in multi-unit operations. The multi-unit management Analysis is a comprehensive analysis of the candidates that may be chosen for these Roles. Having developed lots of personnel for these roles in our operational histories along with our global client base, proper selection, good qualifying, and basic individual analysis and profiling are paramount when selecting these candidates. Our one-on-one analysis is important to help ensure our clients are investing in the right candidates for these roles.


    Area Management Programs Advanced


    PCG and Jerry Whitehead have developed some of the most advanced area management programs ever witnessed in the Pawn Industry today. We have a complete library of customizable material to cover every aspect of multi-unit management today. These programs have been developed over a 35+ year period and are quite scalable for our clients and very specific. Very comprehensive training and are offered on different levels based on what the client qualifications and capabilities may be. Highly advanced training. This type of management covers store visit routines, loan and asset verifications, system checks, store inspections, store maintenance programs, management one on ones, comprehensive task calendars spelling out their routines, duties, and much more. Most advanced multi-unit management systems witnessed in the Industry today.


    Management Operations Support


    These roles as created by Pawnshop Consulting Group and Jerry Whitehead are designed for our larger multi store groups. The Management Operations Support training focuses on development of team members to provide support for our area management team. As taught by Mr. Whitehead, this level of training and support focuses on a range of operational necessities. Typically these positions are geared to create support personnel for our area management teams for our larger multi-unit operations. Descriptions for these roles could include: onboarding personnel, onboarding materials, store orientations, training, certification programs, managing various team meetings all levels of staff and more for the area managers. They also maintain all data, and reporting information, productivity and more for the area managers so their data on all personnel is up to date always. Comprehensive operational support which allows the field level for the area management team to be consistent and comprehensive always.


    As seen, we are devoted pawn professionals at Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrain and we DO offer the most advanced, comprehensive, training services that are Pawn Specific anywhere in the world today. Our pricing is both scalable, and very affordable. See what hundreds of our clients around the world have experienced with our team of seasoned professionals.


    The call, costs you nothing, what do you have to lose?


    Jerry Whitehead 

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, LLC.



    Alan Nelson