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    Virtual Pawn Training Courses from Pawn Shop Consulting Group Learning for Every Level Online

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group presents virtual pawn training courses with in-depth coverage of many pawn shop-specific topics. These online training sessions are available for everyone on your pawn shop operation team. This training is for all levels, from new hires to counter employees to store managers to operation executives. So, it is for the pawnbroker with hundreds of stores across ten states. And also for a broker with two locations. In short, this is the training you need to survive. Get ready for a pawnbroking education from the leading industry experts at PCG.

    There are so many benefits to taking online training. First, your business will benefit, big time. Boost sales, move inventory and be more profitable. Secondly, your money stands to benefit, too. When pawnbrokers know the information in these training courses, they lead by example. Please, make these programs and resources available to your team to compound the benefits you will see.


    Affordable Pawn Training Courses Without Travel Costs

    No travel is necessary to take any of the Pawn Shop Consulting Group virtual pawn training courses. Every member of your team can learn from their device from the location of their choice. Or you can supply devices for your team to use from your office or shop locations. The choice is yours. No other training courses offer this much flexibility. Also, cutting travel expenses makes this training very affordable for every pawnbroker. Our modules cover the following topics and much more.

    Pawn Shop Operations Training Courses Increase Efficiency

    Pawn shop operations are the daily activities, tasks, systems, and processes that run a pawn operation. Your day-to-day operating procedures show your new hires and current employees what you expect from them. Many pawnbrokers get this mixed up a little.

    If your employees are underperforming and your store is not running efficiently, we can help. First, let us teach your staff the store operation best practices that work well. Then, put systems in place to improve store appearance and keep it that way. There is no better way to improve the customer experience instantly.

    Virtual Pawn Training from Pawn Shop Consulting Group for New Hires

    New store employees can get a clear understanding of the pawn shop business in our training courses. After training, pawn shop employees should be able to help daily operations run more smoothly. From counter sales techniques to understanding why customers pawn what they pawn, employees can learn it all here. New hires can get essential training on the basics of the pawn transaction process, effective store merchandising, and shop safety.

    From the first introduction to pawn sales to customer phone etiquette, we teach the best techniques here. And it is all online. Employees can also learn how to deliver concierge-level customer service and other customer retention methods. Give your team the training they need to help your pawn operation thrive with Pawn Shop Consulting Group virtual pawn training courses.

    Pawn Product Knowledge Training Boosts Sales for Pawnbrokers

    Product knowledge is a critical aspect of a pawn shop’s success. Every pawn shop team must have extensive product knowledge. So, the more product knowledge you have, the better. In short, the more you know, the more successful your shop will be. We have the virtual pawn training courses you need to jumpstart your team with important product knowledge. Enable your team to make better buying and loaning decisions. That means you can reduce the number of unsellable items coming into your inventory. The ability to evaluate products and understand them is the key to boosting your bottom line.

    Our virtual pawn training courses on product knowledge cover gold, diamonds, jewelry, hard goods, and firearms. In addition, we address gold testing and gold counter basics. Several courses cover diamond evaluation, testing, and the four Cs – color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. In addition, Pawn Shop Consulting Group’s virtual pawn training courses go over the common simulated and synthetic diamonds and gemstones that people pawn.

    Why Choose Virtual Pawn Education from Pawn Shop Consulting Group?

    1. Your instructors, Alan Nelson from PT and Jerry Whitehead from Pawn Shop Consulting Group, bring a combined 60+ years of experience in the Pawn Industry.
    2. Face-to-face communication through Zoom or other online apps means you and your team get individualized attention and instruction to ensure success.
    3. Most of our virtual pawn training courses involve two sixty to ninety-minute sessions. However, we give each student the time they need to grasp the content.
    4. Access one course a la carte or begin a comprehensive pawn training program to cover it all.
    5. What we do is break down pawn topics into bite-size chunks. This method makes complex topics easier to understand and implement quickly into daily business operations.
    6. You can track every employee’s training progress. We supply recordings of every session for your review.

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