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  • PCG 2013 Highlights and Beyond

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    I hope that all of our friends and family out here in Pawnland are having a great 2013 and a blessed Thanksgiving Week for those of  you in the USA!

    On behalf of PCG I wanted to take this time to share in the blessings PCG has experienced with another record year on our behalf. PCG could not have the successes we have experienced without the continued support from our fellow industry colleagues, clients, friends and family of the group’s itself.

    New Markets & Client Activities

    PCG has expanded our consulting services into a number of new markets this year with some recent additions that include the UK, Scotland, Cambodia, Philippines, New Zealand, Honduras, Curacao and Russia. After we complete this next round of travels PCG will have clients and a presence in more than 40 countries globally.

    I am happy to report that we also added more than 20 new clients in the USA in 2013 bringing the total number of clients serviced to date well over 500.

    PCG had the privilege this year to speak and present at several trade show and conferences this year as well. Most recently we presented at the NPA of the United Kingdom show earlier this year in London as well as the Midwest PBA show, the Arkansas PBA show and most recently we did two presentations in California at the CAPA show down in Newport Beach California.

    PCG continues to deliver up world-class presentations with real takeaways that any of our attendees can utilize in their businesses from the moments they return to them to the next life they will experience applying the practical’s as we say.

    PCG Programs

    Over the past several years PCG has delivered “ground-breaking” events and opportunities in our sector previously unwitnessed. In 2011 we officially launched the PCG Pawn Symposium series with our first event at the Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida, followed up in 012 with the Ritz in the Cayman Islands. The Pawn Symposiums have presented what world-class networking and educational events can do in extremely luxurious environments for the betterment of our attendees and the industry in general. These events raise the bar and the standards for high-level educational formats and industry networking on the extreme levels.  

    PCG elected to not do the Symposium in 2013 due to the continuous expansion of our global consulting services but is bringing the event back in 2014. Venue announcements will come out after the first of the year and do stay tuned – this event will be like no other event in the pawn world ever and could be the staging ground for our International Association Group that is currently in the works.

    In 2012 PCG also launched the “Management Camp” series that was produced in conjunction with other industry notables that included John Thedford and David Johns from the prized Value Pawn team out of Florida and others. We produced 5 events in 012 in Orlando and brought clients from around the world and the country and immersed them into active group participations and workshops that enhanced the skillset and networking capabilities of all of our attendees.

    PCG will be introducing a whole new level of workshops in 2014. The formats for these exclusive PCG events will be introducing a variety of operational strategy training activities that will enhance any operation at the store levels. There are many trends affecting our operations today and PCG strives to continuously introduce the next levels of training programs and formats that will enhance our abilities to maximize our opportunities while coping with the significant challenges we contend with as an industry. Stay tuned for dates and listings of activities after the first of the year.

    PCG Pawn Peer Focus Groups

    Back in 2011 PCG launched the industry’s first Pawn Peer Focus Groups that to date have included tours of members operations in such places as California, Canada, Colombia and the Carolinas over this past couple of years.

    Industry Peer Groups allow for exploration and examination of other operations from around the world and the country up close and up front and from the inside out. These activities coupled with aggressive examination of each member’s operations with live feedback sessions and group activities are some of the most exciting programs PCG has ever launched.

    Our Peer members have the opportunity to witness a wide range of operators and all learn from each other about our strengths, weaknesses and best practices from amongst each other.

    Participation in these groups with PCG client members has established relationships amongst our members that go way beyond our working environments. The social and kinship developments of the groups themselves are taking on their own direction these days as our members all develop great relationships with their fellow members as a direct result of the group activities together.

    PCG is forming new groups now for any of you who may have interest feel free to contact me directly.

    PCG Buying Groups

    PCG is proud to announce that we are putting together a “buying” circuit that will launch in 2014. This circuit will consist of PCG approved vendors in the diamond, gold, watches and other high-value assets arenas.

    We have been observing over the years that there seems to be a “wide spread” on what various vendors or buyers may be offering on similar goods at some of our tradeshows and other venues as well as what options are available to our fellow industry peers whom are unable to attend these events. Many folks have limited access or ability to attend some of these shows and as a result are often times forced to liquidate their goods at less than fair market value.

    PCG has been looking at the returns and the results of many of our clients around the world today and are seeing increasing swings in values offered on goods and that there is NO consistency in the value of these types of assets anywhere from what we can see.

    What PCG realizes from our active client engagements is that the competition in our arena with further encroachment by many other retailers and competition in general are further eroding our abilities to continuously drive our bottom lines.

    PCG seeks to put together the “cream of the crop” for these hand-selected buying groups to offer folks in our industry and other industry’s opportunities to shop and sell their goods to PCG approved vendors that do adhere to a very strict code of ethics and proper behavior with NO additional distractions for our selling groups.  

    PCG is in the planning stages of which markets will be targeted in the coming year stay tuned for more information as this new wave of services rolls out of PCG.

    PCG Expanded Services Roster

    I am proud to inform all of our subscribers that PCG has developed a number of high-level programs within our wide array of folks within the group and our global network that go way beyond our extensive list of high-level consulting and support services we currently offer.

    Today our teams offer areas of specialization in:

    ·         Store set ups and training

    ·         Live store mentoring and training programs

    ·         Software integration, data consolidations, store operational activities

    ·         Audit teams – physical audits – audit training, applications, security

    ·         Security, safety, systems integrations and compliance training

    ·         Human Resources – complete HR services in house, training, assessment, recruitment, accountability, productivity and more

    ·         Web site development – in store training on blogs, social media, analytics, product placement SEO training

    ·         Merchandising Programs – in store training, set up, pricing strategies, suppliers and complete how to programs

    ·         Creating and Developing Corporate Culture

    ·         We have expanded our professional services with providers in taxes, tax law, offshore banking, foreign corporations, trusts and general accounting services

    ·         PCG offers a wide array of services in the Legal arenas’ which include:

    o   Trade name and trademark registrations

    o   Corporate documents on any level – charters, dissolutions, corporate creations, etc.

    o   Employment agreements, non-disclosures, non-competes, trade secret agreements

    PCG prides ourselves on bringing the most enhanced and up to date business practices and procedures that exist today in the industry. Our global involvement allows us to stay on the cutting edge of the industry at all times and deliver up “best in class” in products and services today.

    Stay tuned for more activities coming up we are off to Maui, Cambodia, Philippines and New Zealand on our next round of travels.

    ON behalf of PCG I hope that all of you have time to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday this week and to enjoy the blessings of the fruits of our labors and the love of our families.

    Happy Holiday’s More to Follow!

    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.









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