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    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    I thought I would take this time to provide some updates on what PCG has been up to. It has been a while since our last post and is due primarily to the fact we just have not stopped moving.

    NPA – UK Conference in London

    Most recently PCG was invited to present at the National Pawnbrokers Association of the United Kingdom’ in London. This was our first opportunity to appear at this prestigious event and was thoroughly impressed by the eclectic group of operators and their beloved association.

    The NPA of the UK was formed in 1892 and I do believe it is the oldest known pawn association in the world. We have expanded our network of clients and contacts as a result of this participation and they are some of the finest folks I have met in this industry to date.

    CAPA – California Pawnbrokers Association – Newport Beach California

    It’s that time of the year again and PCG has been invited to speak at the annual CAPA convention in California. This will be our 6th year to present and speak at this event and we are looking forward to revisiting with our many friends and colleagues in California again.

    PCG will be doing two pieces this year, one of which will be on “Managing Change in today’s aggressively changing environment” and the other piece will be on the “Effective Executive” along with some spins on the science of selectivity of quality personnel.

    California does have one of the most widely attended shows of any convention outside of the NPA’s show here in the United States.

    PCG’s Focus Groups Update

    Post the California show, PCG will be heading to Barranquilla and Cartagena Colombia to spin off another one of our Focus Group Meetings with our Group Member, the E Jimenez team in Colombia. This trip will be taking us thru a thorough examination of their ISO certification processes, their area management program as developed in conjunction with PCG along with store systems and processes. The Jimenez group is operating one of the most successful multi-unit operations anywhere in the world today, operating more than 60 stores in several countries.

    Here is an outline of our schedule of activities for Colombia:

    Tuesday the 29th

    Breakfast @8AM in hotel Dann Barranquilla

    Depart Hotel at 9:30AM on Bus

    Store TOURS until 12:30PM approx.

    Lunch at the Castillo de SALGAR 12:30 – 2:00PM

    Store Tours to resume until 5:00PM approx.

    Return to hotel-Freshen UP

    Bus departs at 6:30PM

    Dinner at 7:00PM at Varaderos

    Back to HOTEL

    Wednesday the 30th

    Breakfast @8AM in hotel

    9:30AM Conferences Hotel Room (TBD)

    Lunch at HOTEL @12:30PM approx.

    Conferences resume at 2:00PM until 5:30PM approx.

    CHIVA night, city tour with a cultural presentation @7:30 – CHIVA is a party bus that tours various areas of the city – dress very casual

    10:00PM Back to HOTEL

    Thursday the 31st

    Breakfast @7:30AM in hotel

    9:00AM – Check-out and load BUS to CARTAGENA (one hour and fifteen minute drive)

    Store TOURS (Cartagena) until 12:30 approx.

    12:30 – 2:00PM Lunch @Yacht CLUB

    Check in at Hotel Charleston – Cartagena

    Casual Wrap up meeting between 4-6PM

    Night out Cartagena – OLD CITY – Group dinner or other function

    Establish date and time frame for 2014 first meet – Tentatively Braswell & Sons in Little Rock Arkansas is up for first run for 014

    PCG – Heading to Maui – Cambodia – Philippines and New Zealand

    I am proud to announce that PCG has recently added several new consulting clients to the mix of our growing international business.

    We have signed on a new group in Phnom Penh Cambodia and will be traveling over there later this year and or early next year. We have added a new consultant into our mix as well we had added the MIMPSS consulting group headed up by Maria Isabel Mendoza in the Philippines. We are looking forward to meeting with their group, meeting their regulatory group as well as many of the operators in the country for future consulting and business expansion plans. Post the Philippines we will be heading on down to New Zealand to work with some old’ long time friends of the group and spend some time witnessing that beautiful country as well.

    Of course no trip could be complete without stopping over on way to and from the far east in Maui, to see brother Richard at Kamaiiana Loan down in Maui.

    This particular trip will be an extended for the group but we are looking at our continuous global expansion with enthusiasm and diligence.

    Stay tuned for more – off to the Airport!


    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.








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