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  • PCG “Changing Environment Management Camp Series” May 26th – 28th – Ft. Worth Texas

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    Folks we are moving forward with our next “Changing Environment Management Camp” this year. We will be in Ft. Worth Texas at the Omni Hotel in downtown Cowtown (Ft. Worth Texas) May 26th – 28th.

    This event is like NO other event PCG has done to date

    Many of you know about our Leadership Book Camps we conducted throughout all of 2012. Well we are taking the lessons learned from our participants and are expanding the programs to be more diverse and applying more practical “how to applications” that you and or your staff can take immediately back to your businesses and begin capitalizing on the new knowledge, concepts, ideas and experiences that are obtained and created for our highly specialized educational programs.

    We have found that group participation with active sessions that allow for interaction between presenters and participants enhances the success of the various programs and activities that are up for discussion at our exclusive gatherings.

    We have two full days’ of session work coming up and our format is very much different from what we have been doing.

    The industry continues to witness increasing competition from many areas today. Today more than ever effectively managing the operations in this constantly changing environment is increasingly important.

    We will be addressing effective techniques on how to better prepare the operations from increased competition in a variety of areas that would include Estate & Jewelry in general, Musical Instruments & Band Gear, Antiques, Collectables, Firearms, Electronics, Games and Game Systems, Online Lenders, the Internet, Boutique Operations, Service Charges and related fees, Competitors and the list goes on.

    The sessions we are organizing are a combination of proven techniques that PCG and some of our other participants have been perfecting over the past few decades from our operational experiences.

    We will be exploring the resources that PCG has available to enable your operations to network to a larger group of participants to expand and provide additional products and services to the stores.

    This year were having some vendor sponsors that will be working with PCG on how to illustrate how their products and services can benefit and add to the bottom lines of any of our retail lending operations.

    Exploration of Effective Merchandising Programs with Case Examples

    We will be exploring the concepts of good merchandising programs with our fellow industry partner M&M out of Ft. Worth Texas. PCG along with our lengthy history in the industry has utilized M&M as one of our primary suppliers for the 30 years + they have been in business. Working in tandem with M&M and our clients we have devised numerous merchandising programs that have proven to diversify the products that your stores can offer and do so in a way that you can compete in these tighter margin markets we have to work within.

    PCG and our active participants will all have input on how mass merchandising and high levels of inventory turns maximize cash flow, customer transactions, increased productivity and enhanced bottom lines.

    This will be a DO NOT MISS opportunity to see how these types of programs can benefit your business and your consumer base.

    We have several other programs similar to this concept that we will be introducing at this upcoming camp as well as some guest speakers that will provide some extreme insight as to current industry trends and much more.

    David Johns – Successful Team Meeting Components – Store Level Evaluations

    David Johns will be will be returning with PCG this year and at this event. David’s background is in Industrial Psychology and he has served as the former Human Resource Director for Sears & Roebuck and Cash America for numerous years and was a principal partner in the highly successful multi-unit pawn chains – Value Pawn and LaFamilia. Today he is an executive partner with Mr. John Thedford in the Premier Pawn group that is currently opening up numerous stores around the country. David currently serves as a Board Member on the National Pawnbrokers Association.

    Numerous PCG clients have had the opportunity to have David on site doing extensive HR and personnel reviews along with basic operational reviews and they all LOVE him along with the successes they have achieved by working together in tandem with PCG sponsored programs.

    David has presented at the 2011 and 2012 PCG International Pawn Symposium and Conferences and participates with our high level Industry Focus Groups as well as our ongoing Management Conferences and consults directly with PCG’s national and international client base.

    David will be doing several pieces on practical practices that any operator at any level can apply to enhance their operational world and effectively improve communications and productivity within the operations and more.

    Topics that will be addressed will include:

    • Managers Circle – the formulas for team success within the operations
    • Elements and Importance of successful team meetings – all levels, store, corporate or executive, the complete how to guidelines on how and when to conduct staff meetings with actionable plans and agenda’s
    • How to evaluate store level performances – plan/pay/productivity examinations with actionable programs for the staff

    Mr. Johns has had numerous tours of duty in his extensive career in the Pawn Industry and as such has the unique ability to communicate to anyone on any level.

    One of the single biggest assets we have access to in this industry today as an opinion.

    Feel free to contact us directly for client testimonials on David’s extensive work and successes with our clients in this arena.

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group – Defensive Techniques and Programs to Survive in the New Millennium

    PCG will be providing a variety of programs and techniques up for discussion for today’s rapidly changing environment.

    Some case examinations will be looked at along with studying the effects of the following in detail and how to apply practical plans to compensate for this changing environment in which we live – subjects will include the following:

    • Surviving the crash of the gold boom
      • How to compensate for the decreases of volume levels of melts in general
      • Strategies to remain aggressive in lieu of the gold decline across the country and in the operations
    • Addressing how to Manage increasing competition in many spaces
      • How to compensate in real time for the increase of competitors
      • Aggressive qualifying techniques to utilize and how to maximize your potential to command as much market share as possible in your respective markets
      • Achieving white glove in excellence and delivering impeccable customer service
      • Growing competition from Estate & Jewelry, Musical Instruments & Band Gear, Antiques, Collectables, Designer Handbags, Firearms, Electronics, Games and Game Systems, Online Lenders, the Internet, Boutique Operations, Service Charges and related fees, Competitors, Internet, EBay, Craig’s list and more.
      • PCG will illustrate solutions along with introducing providers and techniques on how to enhance the operations to compete in these changing times

    These events are designed to fully engage the participants and explore all possible boundaries that exist within our grasp today. PCG events are fun, they increase networking opportunities and provide litany’s of real world input and experience from our presenters to our attendees along with their active participation.

    Information on the Event

    PCG is offering some incentives for the mufti-store groups. We are allowing one senior member of any multi-unit or multi- person operation that sends 3 or more attendees free admissions to the conference.

    Our pricing structures for the events are as follows:

    • $2450 per attendee – includes 3 nights hotel room at selected venue – room, all meals and conference attendance and materials for these events
    • $1900 per attendee – staying off property – includes all meals along with conference attendance and materials for these events

    We are recommending that anyone wishing to attend any or all of these events contact us ASAP to get your names on the list, SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED.


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