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  • PCG Ft. Worth Work-Shop Updates August 23rd – 25th 2014

    Updates for the PCG “Strategic Operational Enhancement Work Shop Series”

    Dates are August 23rd – 25th

    PCG is on track with our line-up of all new high-line educational practices and programs that pawnbrokers operating at any levels can establish many useful takeaways. These workshops provide real “hands on” experiences with a wide range of industry providers and supporters. Takeaways at our events have often been equated to “drinking from a fire hose” as quoted from Chris McCarthy of Lowell Jewelry & Loan in Lowell Mass a long term PCG fellow.

    These specially designed work-shops focus on “Best Practices” while providing the most up to date information possible to benefit operators in our Industry – bringing to the Pawn Industry the next generation in high-level networking and educational forums and formats.

    Here is the updated line up of activity at the Ft. Worth Workshop:

    Work Shop – Spin Selling

    Based on more than a decade of research with companies like IBM, Kodak and Honeywell this program will cover some of the most up to date techniques utilized today by a host of Fortune 500 companies.

    Jim Littman of DMB Partners is a dynamic public speaker, he is a Graduate Gemologist with Graduate degress in Psychoanalysis/management with tours of duty with Gemological Institute of America along with Serin Diamond, Gemex, US Synthetic, Euricase, Teva Diamonds, EGL/USA along with many others.

    This series will provide a unique opportunity to witness how organizations constantly improve their results with active training and monitoring of productivity with up to date enhancements in the following areas:

     Processes involved in obtaining the commitment
     Investigating the stages of the call – customer
     Checking to see buyers Key concerns are covered
     Summation of the benefits to the consumer
     Proposed Commitment

     Buyers Scale –

    • Situation Questions
    • Problem Questions
    • Implication Questions
    • Need-payoff Questions

    Constantly raising the bar and the level of our personnel and their ability to close transactions and develop relationships is so key to managing the aggressively changing environment in which we live in today.

    This is a 4 hour workshop in which all workbooks and materials are included and promises to be a whole new spin on “Spin Selling”.

    Work-Shop – Loss Prevention Techniques

    PCG through the course of our history has come to a number of conclusions about our industry. One of those being the constant threat we evade every day in every conceivable way we can imagine. There are many categories of threats out there and our industry is challenged internally and externally constantly.

    PCG will be introducing the industry’s leading loss Prevention specialist – Mr. Tony Gallo of Sapphire Protection

    Loss & Robbery Prevention – Tony brings more than 20 years of active loss prevention techniques in the Pawn Industry and will be illustrating many practical dos’ and donts in today’s increasingly fraudulent and robbery prone industry. Criminal behavior comes from both sides of the counter – come hear it from the Industry’s most experienced Loss Prevention expert – interactive sessions

    Sapphire Protection just recently received:

    Texas Department of Public Safety Security Contractor License

    Link for Sapphire Protection

    Work-Whop – Everything you need to know about Refining and new Fraud Attempts in the Precious Metals Arena

    PCG is honored to have Mid-States back to our events and will be doing an educational presentation that will cover some of the larcenous activity they see on their end with the newer breeds of fake precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, under-karated techniques and more.

    Hear it from the pro’s on the types of deception and fraud they see as a high-volume metals recycler on what the current fraud trends are along with good house-keeping practices on processing your metals and knowing what you have and what you should be seeing in your recoveries and assays.

    This will be a very informative session on this whole process along with current trends in industry.

    Mid-States Recycling

    Work-Shop on Digital Marketing Inventory and the stores

    This work-shop will be introducing a group that offers practical digital marketing technologies that operate on a wide variety of platforms.

    This application simplifies the online listing ease of multiple inventory categories into Craigslist currently.

    Some of the advantages of this application features are comprehensive reporting capabilities, ease of use, implementation, enhanced efficiency and productivity time at the stores, increased physical traffic, SEO and enhanced revenues.

    Simplifies the process – allows for ease of tracking online activity by store, sold items, listings along with mined data such as how many incoming calls came into the stores from listings, walk-ins along with SEO (search engine optimization) with web site integrations and more.

    This application currently has API’s under development to integrate with other digital market places which include: EBay, Amazon, Gunbroker and others.

    Work-Shop on Social Media

    PCG’s Own ButterMilk Media Division and Steve Moore will be doing a segment on current trends of Social Media.

    This inter-active work-shop will provide a glimpse into the changes and complexities that have already come down the wire along with the current trends of Social Media.

    This will be an active session with our attendees with illustrations on digital media changes in the ongoing digital revolution. Technology is changing every nano-second along with enhanced threats to hosting issues and the constant movement in the SEO circles with search engines – knowledge IS power – Stay Informed

    ButterMilk Media Link

    Work-Shop on Diamond Basics – Presented by White Pine Diamond

    This work-shop will focus on providing useful Diamond Basics. Demonstrations on – Basic diamond grading, sorting, terminology, processes – from A – Z / Any operator on any level can get basic diamond terminology and processes for diamond essentials – knowledge and skill entry level on up.

    White Pine Diamonds is a global diamond trading business and their team along with their expertise in the diamond world promises to be a true glimpse of the Diamond business from their perspectives.

    This program coupled with the active feedback created from our active sessions promises to be a unique opportunity and an effective educational program for any level operator.

    White Pine Diamonds Link

    Work-Shop – Watch Certification and Valuation Education

    PCG has witnessed so many opportunities where folks in our industry have lost untold revenues thru not knowing or how to detect, authenticate and evaluate the elusive high-end watch market.

    Through our collaboration with Watch Certification Services of America we will introduce services that assist with how to properly identify high value watch products, how to price and how to deal in, shop, acquire and sell high-value watches – PCG sees’ many of our clients are not fully engaged in this business and as such are missing out on a huge profit and business potential as a result of NOT knowing this business proficiently – come witness how the WCSA application can improve the odds on identifying watches and their values properly.

    WCSA Hotlink

    Work-Shop – Merchandising Programs

    We continue to witness many operators around the world today who continue to miss the opportunity to better accommodate the sale of general merchandise that they may deal in today as well as complimenting the inventory additions with mixed batches of new inventory.

    Every market and operator are unique and most of us have the ability to properly mix merchandising programs into the formulas for success.

    PCG along with M&M Merchandisers out of Ft. Worth Texas will examine the merchandising programs and the benefits of them with with a reputable supplier in the mix. M&M has been supplying inventory and support products to the industry for 30 years and has been a mainstay in the industry.

    This work-shop series will focus on various types of merchandising programs, how to order, inventory, manage the stock to maximize inventory yields and returns, secrets to filler inventory strategies along with margin programs to maximize cash flow.

    M&M Merchandisers Link

    Work-Shop – Financial Metrics – Jerry Whitehead

    As an industry consultant one of our biggest challenges remain to get operators to fully understand how ALL of the financial indicators affect their businesses and how to properly interpret and make course adjustments as needed in real-time.

    Measuring the results and productivity in real-time fashion is a significant component of understanding the performance and performance changes of any business. Information is key to effectively manage the results constantly for bottom line enhancements.

    This hands on work-shop will be the complete and comprehensive review and study of how the financial metrics are applied in real-time in our PAWN operations – financial indicators and benchmarks covered in their entirety by Jerry Whitehead

    PCG Work Shop Mission Statement

    PCG is proud to continue to deliver up next generation game-changing educational seminars and programs and this active work-shop will deliver cutting edge information and techniques that can and WILL benefit any operator on any level.

    Due to the active engagement of our presenters and attendees space is limited and IT IS recommended anyone wishing to attend get on the list early.

    The fee for the full program for 3-nights at our selected property including hotel rooms and meals on site is only $1500 per attendee.

    The fee includes all work-shop related materials and handouts, all break outs, breakfast, lunch, sessions breakout snacks and drinks and 3-nights of hotel rooms at our selected venue.


    Respectfully – Jerry Whitehead
    Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.




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