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  • PCG Updates – Work-Shop Series Ft. Worth Texas August 2014

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    Updates for THE “Strategic Operational Enhancement Work Shop Series”

    Dates for our first roll out this season will be August 23rd – 25th in Ft. Worth Texas.

    PCG Cowtown (Ft. Worth Texas) Work-Shop
    We have selected the 4-Diamond – Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Ft. Worth to host our first work-shop for the 2014 season.

    Here is a link with info about the Worthington – it is right in downtown Ft. Worth all within walking distance to many of the city’s best cultural and eating establishments that are offered.


    Updated for our Work-Shop Series are as follows:

    PCG will be introducing two new industry partners along with other existing PCG partners at this event.

    We are proud to list our initial list of sponsors and activities that we have planned for our new twist on the work-shop series we are introducing for 2014 and beyond.

    White Pine Diamonds

    White Pine Diamonds will be presenting our work-shop on “Diamond Basics” this will be the A-M class of diamond basics along with description, terminology, 4C’s, sizes, classes, cuts, sorts and basic grading. They will be doing a nice PPT presentation with table, lights, samples and more to educate our illustrious group of attendees. This will be an excellent opportunity to witness up close how the pro’s process.

    For our attendees be sure to bring any goods that you may have this could be an excellent opportunity to have your goods graded and perhaps even sold!

    SMS – Two Way Cloud Based Test Messaging Marketing Platform

    PCG is proud to announce a new industry partner that provides high-level, cloud based SMS technology that allows the subscribers to use a “USA Government Compliant” platform to text message and market directly to your customer base. This system has a two way interphase and promises to be a huge cost-saving marketing program that will have huge benefits for our users. Come see it up close and up front at the Cowtown Work-Shop first!

    Mid-States Recycling – Jack Brown

    Mid-States will be doing a presentation that will cover some of the larcenous activity they see with the newer breeds of fake gold, under-karated gold and more. Hear it from the pro’s on the types of deception and fraud they see on their end as a high-volume metals recycler on what the current fraud trends are along with good house-keeping practices on processing your metals and knowing what you have and what you should be paid.

    This will be a very informative session on this whole process along with current trends in industry.

    Sapphire Protection – Tony Gallo

    Today the Industry is in more peril from criminal elements than at any other time in history. Criminals can be working internally and externally to undermine the safety of your personnel and the contents of your operations.

    This work-shop will focus on the many do’s and do not’s in today’s operations as it pertains to robbery prevention as well as many tips of the trade on daily procedural activities to help insure the integrity of the operations themselves.

    Watch Certification Services of America – WCSA

    WCSA will be presenting at our upcoming event to educate our operators on how to deal in significant missed opportunities up close and up front with their high-level watch authentication services.

    This work-shop illustrates how their platform mines data to keep up to date on the trend in counterfeit watches by model #’s and serial #’s as well as how to value a wide range of these products. Allows their subscribers to easily identify and notify when counterfeit goods and products are being circulated.

    PCG is witnessing so many lost opportunities because many pawnbrokers do not have the skill-set or knowledge to securely deal in these higher value assets and as such this spells missed opportunities big time.

    For the same we are seeing a whole new generation of counterfeit goods being circulated, many of which are fooling the pros. This will be a must see piece offered up at this work-shop.

    Jim Littman – DMB Partnership – Spin Selling

    The series Mr. Littman will be delivering up is the Spin-Selling work-shop that IS an intense hands-on approach on how to develop, culture and deliver high-closing ratio’s to any consumer base in our aggressively changing retail lending environments.

    This will be an intense 4-hour work-shop with materials provided on how to introduce programs that lead to high-closing ratio’s in our customer service arena. So many sales programs out there do not focus on our core business and that IS selling money. Learn from one of the foremost professionals in this field the latest closing techniques as utilized by numerous Fortune 500 companies.

    So many of our folks do not possess the basic skills to communicate and close customers on transactions. This will be an exciting program as a first time introduction to the Pawn Community and PCG is proud to have DMB on board at our next high-level work-shop series.

    ONLINE LISTING – Craig’s List / EBay / Website

    PCG has teamed up with a high-technology company that delivers an easy to use platform that allows operators to easily photograph and list any and all of their inventory right up onto Craig’s list and other platforms as well as their company websites creating their own web-stores.

    Expanding revenue sources and creating new in-house customer traffic for our stores is increasingly important in this hugely competitive high-technology world in which we live in. This technology as witnessed by PCG and a group of our select clients is changing how we think about marketing our stores online.

    The advantage to Craigslist unlike other online listing platforms is that organic searches in store market areas create enhanced foot-traffic for those stores and increase SEO (search engine optimization) for those with web sites.

    This is a huge aspect of creating more traffic, more sales, more revenues and more visibility on the WWW and is an increasing activity we are witnessing with the aggressive competitive nature of the world in which we conduct business in today.

    This platform allows the users to easily identify, track, update and have up to the minute analysis and reporting features of the entire product and inventory online by store and much more.

    Social Media Trends and More – ButterMilk Media Steven Moore

    On the subject of technology PCG’s own Steven Moore will be delivering an interactive session on today’s trends in the social media environment. Today with Google transitioning its alga-rhythms every nanosecond along with new trends from Facebook and other forms of social media it’s imperative to stay on top of the trends in real time more so than ever before.

    Here are some interesting trends on Social Media as reported by PewResearch – 64% of American Adults utilize Facebook and as many as half of those users are getting their news there as well.


    This promises to be an extremely informative session with real applications and testimonials from other pawnbrokers on what works and what does not work out in the world of Social Media.

    Many PCG clients have seen significant results with direct marketing products and services on social media fronts utilizing their online presence to maximize opportunities for the operations. Come see the latest spin on this ever changing world from one of the industry’s most informed online specialists – Steve Moore.

    PCG Merchandising Programs – M&M Merchandisers

    PCG continues our long term relationship with M&M and is proud to announce their continued support of our merchandising programs and relationship with the Pawn industry in general.

    M&M has been out there for more than 30 years offering pawnbrokers and more a wide-range of products that compliments any operator on just about any level.

    In today’s aggressively changing competitive environment, it remains to be important to constantly mix new inventories in to compliment the sale of product we generate internally as well as offering new lines of product to the consumer base.

    PCG has perfected merchandising programs that allow users to stock filler products, how to retail price and how to blast price product to maximize inventory rotations, inventory yields and ultimately cash flow which all hits the bottom lines.

    PCG – Understanding the Financial Metrics of the Pawn Business

    Financial Metrics – the complete and comprehensive review and study of how the financial metrics are applied in real-time in our PAWN operations – financial indicators and benchmarks covered in their entirety by Jerry Whitehead

    The KEY to any long-term financial success is measuring performance or lack thereof by the numbers in real-time continuously. This workshop will be a comprehensive piece illustrating the importance of financial bench-marks as well as managing in real time based on the numbers.

    We are only as good as our understanding of the financial consequences of our actions or lack thereof.

    Performance measurement remains paramount in today’s environment to understand what is happening in any business in real time.

    PCG’s Commitment to OUR Industry

    PCG is proud to continue to deliver up next generation game-changing educational seminars and programs and this active work-shop WILL deliver the cutting edge information and techniques that can and WILL benefit any operator on any level.

    Due to the active engagement of our presenters and attendees SPACE IS EXTREMELY Limited and it is recommended anyone wishing to attend get on the list early.

    The fee for the full program for 3-nights at our selected property including hotel rooms and meals on site is only $1500 per attendee. $1200 for additional attendees in shared rooms or staying off property.

    The fee includes all work-shop related materials and handouts, all break outs, breakfast, lunch, sessions breakout snacks and drinks and 3-nights of hotel rooms at our selected venue (Worthington Renaissance).

    We are anticipating a SELL OUT of this venue and reservations are highly recommended early for anyone considering sending their teams to this event.


    Respectfully – Jerry Whitehead

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.






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