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  • PCG Institutes Comprehensive Pawn Shop Management Program

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    PCG remains in a unique position to collaborate with hundreds of operators around the world today through our active client activities along with our many esteemed colleagues and family members in our industry.

    This collaboration does place us in a position to constantly be sourcing for “best practices” and to witness the most informed “in-use” operational techniques that are utilized around the world today by numerous successful operators in the Pawn space.

    PCG “Comprehensive Pawn Shop Management Program”

    We have just completed our initial launch of our “Proprietary Comprehensive Pawn Shop Management Program” for the Spindle City Group that currently operates 15 units and is in growth mode up on the Eastern Shore board of the United States.

    Any growth organization or company that is operating large store formats or multiple locations has to have concise management programs in place to monitor the daily activity of the operations.

    This has to be done in real time along with managing with integrity and having good comprehension of the financial benchmarks and expectations as well as the overall health of the Human Assets all simultaneously.

    Full comprehension of what expectations are with real goals established for everyone in the pipeline allow for creative growth and production.

    The configuration for an aggressive management and oversight group of teams that effectively manages all aspects of their regions has to be the goal.

    An example of the Operational System we are instituting with this group looks as follows:

    The system reflected here is a single Operations Director model that oversees the regional area management teams.

    The Operations Director oversees all of the Area Managers in this configuration:

    ·       Operations Director – Oversight of daily operations – supervises all aspects of the area managers, schedule, meeting routines, goals of the teams, performance a host of other activities

    o   Area Manager – Responsible for groups of stores within a specific region or market area. Medium format stores typically 5 – 7 stores per region leader

    o   Administrative ASM (area support manager) Manages all aspects of the regions personnel, files, documentation, reviews, productivity, wage/hour assessments, budgeting, training – orientations

    o   Asset Control Auditor – Responsible for the integrity of all the company store assets: loans, inventory, fixtures, human assets. Random audit support, inventory control, compliance, safety and liability training

    These teams all function in tandem with each other and overall corporate goals and objectives as set forth by the Operations Manager.

    This type of management system with all the checks and balances in place can operate unlimited levels of stores and create consistency in the operations in real-time across the board.

    Teams can effectively manage autonomously and constantly strive to produce better results in a human friendly-competitive environment. These actions coupled with excellent productivity and structured commission programs have yielded excellent results in our experience.

    As most all of us in the industry could conclude – Pawn Shops and the management of their assets and personnel require a high-degree of oversight and support to properly maintain and facilitate both integrity in the assets and confidence in the community and more these days.

    It is in that interest that PCG continues to deliver up customized high-level operating systems and programs for our continuously expanding client base.

    Consider having PCG “Super Tune” your operations and explore the opportunities in your business that you may be simply missing out on – it’s just another “investment” into your business.

    Stay tuned we have new information on the next blog about our exciting “Strategic Operational Enhancement Work-Shop” series coming up in Ft. Worth Texas in August.

    Exciting Developments to report!


    Respectfully – Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.







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