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    Ladies and Gentleman in Pawnland and more!


    PCG is proud to announce as an addendum to our “Best Practices” piece we will be speaking about at this years Crossover EXPO, we are also going to do a piece of the Key Performance Indicators and the expanded views on Financial Metrics.

    This presentation will be a one only type illustration for the attendees of this years Crossover EXPO in Orlando.

    PCG has been assimilating financial results for the industry for decades on a global basis.

    Our journey has allowed us to highly define and teach others how to properly measure and evaluate the financial results of their businesses.

    Today PCG is considered to be the leading consulting firm that has created basic standards for measuring and understanding the financial aspects of the Pawn Industry on many levels.

    The presentation this year will further unlock the other financial mysteries that so many operators in our space just truly do not understand.

    Come and witness one of the most highly educational financial illustrations ever seen in it’s raw and most basic formats for which everyone will have a genuine series of takeaways from.

    For event registration information and more, here is our general information and registration link for the Crossover EXPO:


    Thank you all so much and hope to see you in Orlando !!

    Jerry Whitehead






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