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  • “PCG Strategic Operational Enhancement Work Shop Series”

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    PCG Announces THE “Strategic Operational Enhancement Work Shop Series”

    Dates are August 23rd – 25th

    PCG is back on track with our line-up of all new high-line educational practices and programs that pawnbrokers operating on any level will enjoy with SIGNIFICANT takeaways offered at the upcoming work-shop series of 2014 & 2015.

    In our attempt to constantly offer up “Best Practices” and the most up to date information possible to benefit OPERATORS in our Industry – PCG is bringing to the Pawn Industry the next generation in high-level networking and educational forums and formats.

    The first event of this season is returning to the Dallas Ft. Worth area of Texas and will feature a litany of practical applications that our business managers and owners WILL benefit from for a lifetime.

    The line-up of topics and presentations will cover some of the following with a host of other very “beefy” material:

    ·       Spin Selling – PCG is PROUD to announce another strategic alliance with a leading business consultant in the space – Spin Selling redefines ALL conventional thinking on how to sell – this can apply to retail sales and of course selling money. This is a 4 hour workshop and all workbooks and materials are included. Highlights of this program will include the following:

    o   4-questions a seller must be able to ask – Situation, Problem, Implication and Need Payoff, these are divided into 4-parts also:

    §  Preliminaries

    §  Investigating

    §  Demonstrating Capability

    §  Obtaining Commitment

    This exciting program will cover some of the most up to date techniques utilized today by major Fortune 500 companies and will cover and breakdown the following for our attendees:

    §  Processes involved in obtaining the commitment

    §  Investigating the stages of the call – customer

    §  Checking to see buyers Key concerns are covered

    §  Summarization of the benefits to the consumer

    §  Proposed Commitment

    §  Buyers Scale –

    ·       Situation Questions

    ·       Problem Questions

    ·       Implication Questions

    ·       Need-payoff Questions

    The next area this work-shop series WILL focus on is another alliance PCG has created with the industry’s leading loss Prevention specialist – Mr. Tony Gallo of Sapphire Protection

    ·       Loss & Robbery Prevention – PCG has teamed up with Tony Gallo who brings more than 20 years of active loss prevention techniques and will be illustrating many practical dos’ and dont’s in today’s increasingly fraudulent activity and robbery prone industry. Come hear it from the Industry’s most experienced Loss Prevention expert – Pawn Specific

    PCG has created another strategic alliance with a group that offers very high-level technology on many platforms. We will be introducing a new online listing technology that will greatly simplify the online listing issues at any store with comprehensive reporting, ease of use and implementation, increased efficiency and productivity time at the stores all along while enhancing foot traffic as well as increasing revenue along with bottom line enhancement thru online sales and more.

    ·       ONLINE Listing Technology – Witness a high-level technology that allows ANY operator to upload their inventory into a very simplified format to easily list on Craig’s List, EBay and company websites creating a virtual web-store – come see how this technology simplifies the processes and allows for tracking, managing and processing all levels of this growing need in the Pawn space

    ·       Social Media – Witness the growing changes in Social Media and how important it is to have your business and products for sale properly placed and how to keep up with the growing challenges of Social Media as presented by Steven Moore of PCG’s ButterMilk Media division – how to with open sessions with our attendees

    ·       Diamond Grading – Basic diamond grading, sorting, terminology, processes – from A – Z / Any operator on any level can get basic diamond terminology and processes for diamond essentials – knowledge and skill entry level on up

    ·       Diamond Tendering Auctions – how to establish price point expectations, advantages of auctions and sale of diamond inventory

    ·       Estate Jewelry Auctions – how to establish price point expectations, advantages of auctions and pricing high-value goods outside of immediate market areas

    ·       Watch Certification Services – how to properly identify legitimate watch products, how to price and how to authenticate, shop, acquire and sell high-value watches – PCG sees’ many of our clients are not fully engaged in this business and as such are missing out on a huge profit and business potential as a result of NOT knowing this business proficiently – come see how the pro’s do it

    ·       Merchandising Programs – how merchandising programs work, how to acquire – process – price – and move product to balance inventory needs, improvement in productivity and bottom lines – PCG comprehensive piece on how to utilize key product entries in the operations to enhance overall sales and productivity within the operations

    ·       Financial Metrics – the complete and comprehensive review and study of how the financial metrics are applied in real-time in our PAWN operations – financial indicators and benchmarks covered in their entirety by Jerry Whitehead

    This work-shop promises to be one of the most comprehensive programs ever introduced into the Pawn space.

    PCG is proud to continue to deliver up next generation game-changing educational seminars and programs and this active work-shop WILL deliver the cutting edge information and techniques that can and WILL benefit any operator on any level.

    Due to the active engagement of our presenters and attendees SPACE IS EXTREMELY Limited and IT IS recommended anyone wishing to attend get on the list early.

    The fee for the full program for 3-nights at our selected property including hotel rooms and meals on site is only $1500 per attendee, additional attendees in shared rooms only $1200 per head.

    The fees include all work-shop related materials and handouts, all break outs, breakfast, lunch, sessions breakout snacks and drinks and 3-nights of hotel rooms at our selected venue.

    We are anticipating a SELL OUT of this venue and reservations are highly recommended early for anyone considering sending their teams to this event.

    PCG is finalizing our negotiations with several properties in the DFW area and will have more info out shortly, stay tuned!


    Respectfully – Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.







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