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    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    PCG has just returned from New Orleans recently where we attended the Dixie Pawnbrokers Convention.


    On behalf of the event organizers and the various associations represented, thank you all for your heartfelt efforts to deliver up but yet another wonderful show and production.

    This show was extremely fruitful for PCG and the attendees of this event. A lot of great information was presented and a good mix of social activities and more was just icing on the cake, we all had a great time being back in New Orleans with our pawn buddies!

    PCG was invited this year to present and we delivered a high-level piece on managing change in the highly competitive environment in which we operate in today. This piece was delivered with a litany of “how to do it’s’” and plenty of takeaways that would benefit any operator or owner in this increasingly challenging and competitive world in which we live.


    PCG once again presented at the Dixie trade show and was pleased in the significant turn out the show yielded. Witnessing old friends and family and continuous expansion of our network with influences from the collective good is always special.

    On a personal level and as I have said for many years it is so rewarding to receive so many compliments and votes of support for the work and message that has become my life creed as well as helping individuals change their lives, their outlooks and their businesses forever in most cases.

    The blessings continue with our growing family along with the many souls we have had the opportunity to work with over the past 40 years of active life in the industry.

    With our continued growth in client base both nationally and internationally it really allows us to witness the trends on a global basis while always looking for and interpreting best practices at all times to share with our community.


    PCG has a round of tours of duty coming up over the next several months that will include – Massachusetts, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, California, Washington State, Nevada and Florida on the immediate horizon.

    With some of the long-term management and maintenance obligations we have recently entered into we are also engineering returns this year to Cambodia, Philippines, New Zealand and Malaysia which has recently come into the mix along with a host of other existing PCG clients globally.

    April 22nd – 25th – Pawn Peer Focus Group – Little Rock Arkansas

    We are steadfast away with our execution phase of our first stop this year for our Focus Group. We will be convening in Little Rock with Braswell & Sons as our case study for the group members this season along with our high-level processes of the groups themselves.

    The Focus Groups allow a diverse mix of members and various support personnel to witness operations on a wide range of scale, size, diversity along with type and even countries. We get to examine up close and up front from the insiders views on what works and what does not, critique our members as well as constantly keep pushing for best practices from all of our collective members and the various support members from within the PCG teams themselves.

    The Group we have coming up has more than 100 stores of horsepower built into their membership with their collective skills and knowledge condensed into this group. Members develop great friendships and lifelong knowledge, skill and practices of all of the various members participating in our focus groups and so much more.

    PCG is forming new groups now – if you would like to become involved a group that has a specific mission to be the best of the best, this may be a good fit for those looking to change their outlook and business forever.

    On behalf of our many clients, family and friends of PCG once again thank you for your continued support. We strive and work hard to bring the best skill sets and knowledge available to improve the world in which we operate it.

    Respectfully – Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.








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