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  • Selling A Pawn Business For Less Than Its Worth Is Avoidable

    Selling a Pawn Business Is Complicated

    Selling a pawn business can be a challenge when you do not know what it is worth. Of course, a pawnshop with a sizable customer base supporting rising profits and high income is a reliable money maker. Buyers want to invest in pawnshops that make money off the rip. If you are thinking about selling your pawn business, is it this type of business?

    Selling Can Be A Lose-Lose

    Pawnbrokers usually do not decide to sell their businesses when profits are at their peak. It is not easy to walk away. Most pawnshops that are for sale are not doing well. Or at least not as well as they could with some guidance. When business is down, selling a pawn operation is not ideal. In fact, it can even be a lose-lose situation. Unfortunately, sellers often settle for a low-ball offer. Moreover, buyers either quickly make the business profitable or do not redeem a return on the investment.

    Sell When Business Is Good

    Selling a pawnshop when times are good is best. Business buyers want to buy profitable pawn businesses. If you are not turning a profit, reconsider selling your business right now. You will get more interested buyers and higher offers after you improve your numbers. Of course, buyers want to invest with some assurance profitability will continue after they take control. You can give buyers the assurances they need, but how? 

    Selling a Pawn Business Is Serious

    As far as potential buyers, before inviting any serious conversations, you need to know what your operation is worth. There is no need to go into negotiations blindly when it is time to sell a pawn business. An interested buyer typically gains the upper hand when you do not know your business’s value. However, when you have the financial analytics to substantiate the value, you are ready to sell your pawnshop. Here is where Pawnshop Consulting Group can be of service. Fortunately, for pawnbrokers worldwide, the financial metrics you need and the knowledge you need to understand them is within reach. When you partner with Pawnshop Consulting Group, you gain a clear understanding of the key financial metrics most relevant to your pawn business, whether you are selling a pawn business or not.

    Data Helps When Selling

    Many things make the Pawnshop Consulting Group uniquely qualified to assist pawnbrokers in selling a pawn business. Consider the enormous collection of pawn business data gleaned over four decades of consulting. We are the pawn industry’s leading consultants, raising our flag atop a mountain of priceless data. But, what can this data do for you, you may be wondering? Our years of fastidious data collection provide Pawnshop Consulting Group a unique ability to understand past and present industry trends like no other.

    Know Your Metrics When Selling

    At PCG, we provide data-backed pawn business valuations. These valuations help our team develop growth strategies and data-backed tactics to help you find success in selling a pawn business. If you are unfamiliar with financial metrics and run your pawn business metric-free, you are not alone. A lack of understanding in this area is rampant in the pawn industry, and it continues to hold brokers back globally. Knowing your pawn business’s value and how well it performs is critical for the modern pawnbroker. 

    PGC Pawn Shop Valuations

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group has a team of professional pawn business appraisers. Our appraisers work to ascertain the fair market value of pawn operations. The process involves accurately evaluating and gathering key financial metrics from your pawn business. We perform an in-depth analysis of pawn business data, along with a supporting market analysis and more to arrive at the fair market value. Pawn Shop Consulting Group is the reliable partner you need when selling a pawn business. Our pawn industry insiders’ network alerts us to merger and acquisition opportunities for pawn businesses buyers and sellers. Contact us to get started today at 954-540-3697.