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  • Are Pawn Shop Recruiting Problems Killing Your Business?

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group specializes in pawn shop recruiting. We place qualified people in pawn industry jobs. Are you searching for pawnshop personnel, including executives, management, operations, sales, and customer support? The Pawn Shop Consulting Group team can help. As a pawn industry leader, we have a vast cohesive network of contacts with a passion for the pawn business. Our network of pawn industry insiders gives us a unique advantage when it comes to pawn shop recruiting.

    The Pawn Shop Consulting Group Advantage

    No matter how hard-to-fill a position may be, we have the tools and resources to find qualified candidates. Whether through word-of-mouth (you know pawnbrokers love to talk) or a job posting, our team will help you hire winners. Pawn Shop Consulting Group experts locate, recruit, and place pawn shop personnel worldwide. Our consultants leverage our global network for up-to-the-minute updates on the best of the best job seekers. Because we know who’s seeking employment in the pawn industry, we have the upper hand in pawn shop recruiting. Be confident in our team to find right-fit candidates to fill your open positions. You are one phone call away from getting and keeping high-quality employees for your pawn shop.



    Overview of The PCG Pawn Shop Recruitment Process


    Problems with Pawn Shop High Turnover Rates

    Anyone in pawn shop recruiting will tell you that a high turnover rate means there is a problem. The problem can be any of thousands of possibilities. Suppose new hires tend to quit before completing their first shift. The root cause could be an inaccurate, incomplete, or missing job description. It is also likely that there are holes in the candidate screening process or lack thereof. It is not up to you to identify your pawnshop recruiting problems. In fact, without an outside perspective, hiring and firing problems are challenging to identify and even harder to solve. We know that from experience. Time after time, we see pawn operations with less than stellar recruiting strategies and the high turnover rates that result. The good news is that no matter how dire your pawn shop recruiting problems, you are in the right place.

    Pawn Shop Recruiting You Can Trust

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group is here to save the day. We live to identify and solve pawn shop recruiting problems. It is our passion. Nothing makes us happier than helping a good person find a great job that they love doing. If this sounds funny to you, it is not to us. We take pawn shop recruiting very seriously. The pawn industry is full of career opportunities for people of all backgrounds. Jump on this opportunity to work with the Pawn Shop Consulting Group pawn shop recruiting experts. Wouldn’t you like to say goodbye to that high turnover rate forever? At PCG, we have been an industry leader in pawn shop recruiting worldwide for nearly 20 years. During that time, we have developed fool-proof systems to make any pawn shop successful. Reach out to the PCG consultants today at 954-540-3697.