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  • The Truth about Pawnshops



    Tired of being scared in Your Pawn Shop Business?


    First, I wanted to thank many of our followers for the wonderful feedback and responses from our recent blog titled:


    “Seeing Negative Commentary about You and YOUR Pawnshop Business”.


    AS indicated, many of us are being compromised mentally from some of the negative commentary about what skills you may or may not have, what YOU think is or is NOT important in your business and so on.


    Well enough is enough!


    I agree the Pawnshop Industry has undergone many changes over the past several thousand years of existence, and more importantly in the last 35 years or so with the advent of public money, the Internet, online E-Tailers, technology in general and so on.


    People ask me all the time, “What is the Pawnshop business like in other countries”.


    Whelp, much like this country, guess what, we are ALL in the business of selling money, and for any of you who know me or have heard me speak at many of the trade shows over the last 20 years or had our consulting services up close and up front, know that is one of my most common sayings.


    Yes, we are the business to sell money!


    Operating in today’s environment, yes, takes more dedication and sophistication as the competitive landscape for the Pawnshop industry has increased dramatically, of which I also agree with.


    Trying to determine when, where, or what direction YOU should choose to help you stay on course, or improve the course you are on IS the challenge.


    Pawnshop Consulting Group along with our affiliate PawnTrain have got you covered on so many angles it’s not funny, it’s serious!


    We can provide very easy, affordable, simple, go at your pace solutions without the hype, pressure, or painful peer pressure many are uncomfortable with dealing with in group settings.


    If it’s group’s you think might work for you, we have that too with our Pawn Peer Focus Groups. These group participations provide the ultimate in group think, sharing, metrics, best or worst practices, up-close and upfront reviews of members store’s in their markets, all along while creating life long relationships that WILL benefit YOU and YOUR business forever with PEER Pressure. IT’s the good, bad, and ugly spelled out by many peering eyeballs examining you and your operations literally up-close and upfront.


    Info bout Peer Groups Here:


    PCG Exclusive Pawn Peer Focus Group Link Here


    PCG Focus Groups are 10 years in their cycle in 2021 and what an amazing journey it has been for our group members, we have been witnessing members pawnshops all over the USA, along with Aruba, Canada and Colombia as well.


    In regards to the online training, our courses are delivered ala-carte, individualized, one on one, with customized delivery for each and everyone who subscribes to, or would like to subscribe to in order to expand your operational expertise today.


    We do offer them individualized  ala-carte or for low monthly fees that can include unlimited support, training, on call services, and comprehensive overviews from both – Jerry Whitehead and Alan Nelson.


    Need Personnel? Our advanced placement and recruiting services have you covered in that arena as well, Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrain have been through thousands of employees in our extensive history in the Industry, and we DO offer a range of services from onboarding SLA or sales lending associates, recruitment and placement of Management Personnel and more, see what MANY of our clients are experiencing today with our advanced placement services!


    Do NOT let others intimidate you in to believing that with scary or abrasive marketing tactics, or the fear of poison gas masks you are going to perish if you don’t follow this path to Nirvana!


    In this world, and I tell my clients all over world, YES, you have choices!


    Not every program or other is for everybody, and I do agree, we must all do our own research to see what is best for us!


    If your ready to take the path of clear, concise, detailed, custom scripted training, with a support team that provides decades of PAWN experience on a large world-wide scale, we have you covered.


    Here is a short list of our available online training courses:




    When it comes to the financial metrics, and the full understanding of your key performance indicators and more, PCG and PT have you covered there as well.


    PCG has said for decades:


    “We are all in the Financial Business, and more than 90% in this industry world-wide, have very little understanding of their true Financial Performance and the Key Performance Indicators”.


    PCG has become one of the industry’s leading financial analysts, as we have decades of data from store performances all over the USA and world-wide and know very well how the industry is trending in real time through our collective industry reach.


    Many of our clients have advanced their businesses by having a better understanding of how the metrics affect their businesses and what they can do to further optimize the financial success of their businesses overall.


    Too many are missing these key ingredients in the rush to attempt to build other aspects of their businesses today, by missing the key ingredients of true performance and what they mean to YOUR bottom line and sustainability.


    See what hundreds of our clients are and have experienced with the Pawn Professionals at Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrain.


    After all, were just here to HELP!


    Jerry Whitehead





    Alan Nelson