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  • 14 Pawn Shop Business Management Answers Needed

    Celebrate 20 Years of Pawn Shop Business Management Success

    Pawn shop business management systems from Pawn Shop Consulting Group are the key to victory for pawnbrokers worldwide. Since 2001, over six hundred pawn operators know this firsthand after working with Pawn Shop Consulting Group. 2021 marks Pawn Shop Consulting Group’s twentieth year of global pawn shop consulting success. Jerry Whitehead and the Pawn Shop Consulting Group team and the pawn family have much to celebrate. What is the secret to their massive twenty-year run of success?

    Every pawn shop business management system, strategy, and tactic they employ is based on analytics, proven, and time-tested. They lead with decades of multi-store, multi-state experience, and boots on the ground smarts. Innovative thinking is why they continue to lead the pawn consulting arena. It is no surprise that thousands of pawnbrokers and pawn industry insiders agree. Pawn Shop Consulting Group training and consulting to elevate pawn shop operations worldwide.


    Real Pawn Shop Experience Makes the Difference

    High-level training classes like none other in the pawn industry. Plus, peer focus groups, tradeshows, executive training, and more extraordinary events make Pawn Shop Consulting Group the top dog. Where else can you find pawn shop business management consulting at the highest level? You may find imitators out there and even one or two haters, but never any duplicators. Why is that?

    The answer is simple. Understanding every facet of the pawn industry takes time, blood, sweat, and tears. PCG is an organization with love for the pawn industry and real pawn shop experience. From the daily operations of one location to managing multi-stores to massive multi-state acquisitions, experience counts. And rest assured that PCG has it and then some.

    Fourteen Questions Pawnbrokers Need to Answer

    1. Do you have ineffectual recruiting efforts?
    2. Is it a challenge to keep valuable pawn shop staff members?
    3. Does a lack of motivation bring your team down?
    4. Are you trying to keep good workers with substandard compensation?
    5. As far as operations, do you have streamlined daily operating procedures in place?
    6. Do you need to upgrade store interiors to attract a wider clientele?
    7. Is it easy for potential customers to find you online?
    8. Are you growing your customer email marketing list?
    9. Do you lack pawn shop business management training for managers?
    10. How much potential online revenue are you losing to your competitors?
    11. Do you overvalue inventory in your pawn shops?
    12. Is your online presence helping or hurting your bottom line?
    13. Do you need to beef up security to ensure the safety of your employees and customers?
    14. What are the most significant issues and obstacles holding back your pawn business?

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group Has the Answers

    For help finding answers to the questions above, reach out to Pawn Shop Consulting Group. Reach out to us now at 954-540-3697. Please, reach out to get a sincere evaluation of your operation from recognized pawn business consulting experts. Learn about our pawn shop business management systems and the consulting process in our latest e-book. Because you read the whole blog post, we want to offer you a complimentary copy. This is a free, no-obligation offer, with no strings attached.

    The e-book is entitled “How to Build A Successful Pawn Business.” It is jam-packed with business strategies for pawnbrokers that work. We do not hold anything back in this free e-book offer. Get your hands on powerful pawn business management secrets now. Click here to request your free copy. We will send it to you at once. Another tip, check out our YouTube videos.