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  • PCG Management Camp Series Returns to DFW

    PCG Management Camp Series Returns to DFW

    Hello to all of our friends and family in the Pawn Industry!

    Pawnshop Consulting Group and our affiliate PawnTrain are proud to announce that PCG is bringing back our famed management camp series that we produced some years back in Florida.

    We have set the Dallas / Ft. Worth area for this series as DFW has a wide range of access from all points around the world, and Texas is OPEN for business.

    PCG did produce 5-full series pieces in Florida in conjunction with a number of industry notables and other notables from other industries, and is modeling what we are going to do in Texas to a similar footprint.

    These intensive workshops will be produced in conjunction with a number of high-line industry partners that PCG has established over the past 30 years + in the industry.

    PCG and PT will be offering a range of high-level inter-active workshops as part of this series engagement and promises to be unlike anything experienced in the Pawn Industry today.

    Many of you who had the opportunity to participate in our camp series, or our International Pawn Symposiums in Florida and the Cayman Islands know what we can and will deliver as part of this ongoing endeavor. Top flight education, support, luxurious environments, in a well contained group setting for maximum social and business interaction and related benefits of participation.

    Due to the nature of these types of programs we DO have to minimize the number of participants of each of the camp series productions. This is to enhance the types of active workshops that we are creating and provide the most benefits for our attendees.

    Attendees can expect individual attention along with a litany of highly valuable training opportunities and their individual case analysis for the participants for the duration of these events.

    The groups we produced in Florida were fully subscribed by many of the attendees who had a desire to complete all of the workshops once we began this historic launch and production some years back.

    We are working on a wide-range of subject matter that will have an impact on your business acumen in the pawn world to put it mildly. These activities will provide perspective on what we do specifically along with our support network that provides a range of support and services for our industry.




    Some of the subject matter that we have on the menu for this next series of camps will include the following:



    Folks, this is the short list at this point in time. As indicated, we are going to create some online POLL options for the community and open them up for input from friends and family from around the world.

    PCG and PawnTrain have another platform that has been created we will utilize for a broad array of access to our development, scheduling, pricing, and providing us with crucial feedback desires from the community.

    Stay Tuned, Stay Safe, Much More to Report!


    Jerry Whitehead



    Alan Nelson